The Box

The Box

Author: Clive Parker - Sharp

ISBN: 9781907340154

Published 28 Feb 2012

Format: Paperback

Number of pages: 258


The Box is beautiful, bound in leather with raised designs of jungle scenes, elephants' eyes bejewelled with precious stones, hand-crafted in a far away African village.

Brought to England it becomes a legacy passed through three generations. To open The Box is to unleash an ‘un-put-down-able‘ bumpy ride of sex, betrayal, zealotry, larceny, and fanaticism. Were Thomas Brem-Wilson and his family blighted, never able to regain the status and glory of their ancestors? Is The Box cursed?

A revealing portrait of an African businessman arriving in England, thrown into Victorian high-society. Controversy surrounds this black man's marriage to white Jewish music-hall starlet Ettie Cinders, but behind his 'dandy' persona lies religious and erotic obsessions.

In his quest for salvation he embarks on a pilgrimage to the vast Zion City sect in Chicago, but it could be his ruin. Thomas Brem-Wilson's family deal with the fallout of his legacy. The inventive lives of his mixed-race offspring expose a Bingo empire, East End gangsters, and two nerve-racking high court trials. His grand-daughter Nina Brem-Wilson takes The Box back to Ghana in 1975 retracing Thomas’s steps in a fantastical hunt for land and Gold mines.

Nina’s character alters, and the now dusty and battered Box’s tired hinges may once again open for downfall or redemption….. A book by Clive Parker-Sharp based on the true life accounts of Nina Brem-Wilson (laced with her inimitable wit), the diaries of her Grandfather Thomas, and interviews with Thomas's sons.

Further research and editing by Mandy Parker-Sharp.