The Misunderstood Ally

The Misunderstood Ally

Author: Faraz Inam

ISBN: 9781907340147

Published 15 Aug 2011

Format: Paperback

Number of pages: 376


Year 2010-11 and the world is in the grip of a "War on Terror". Reprisal threats from indigenous forces resisting foreign presence in Afghanistan have made the developed countries wary of extremism in the Muslim world; creating a clash between Islam and the West. The USA, the sole super power and leader of the free world, and Pakistan, the sole Muslim nuclear power and teetering citadel of Islam, are two countries on different sides of this conundrum; but their intertwined interests have brought them into an uneasy alliance against the radical forces rising from Afghanistan.

As fanatics threaten revenge attacks on American soil, a gutsy and determined Special Agent, Samantha Albright, lands in the hornet's nest. As violent suicide bombings increase in Pakistan, a brave and patriotic Army Officer, Lt. Col. Dhilawar Jahangiri, grapples between his personal challenges and the call of duty. As the CIA initiates independent anti-terror operations on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, a ruthless and belligerent militant commander, Baaz Jan, fights back for what he feels is right. In a volatile environment where all forces fight for supremacy, three individuals persevere in their beliefs, embarking on a dauntless journey of valour, sacrifice and self-discovery.