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Strand is a famous street in London. It starts at Trafalgar Square and runs east to join Fleet Street at Temple Bar, marking the boundary of the City of London at this point. Strand Publishing started life in this famous thoroughfare, right at the warm heart of London.

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Strand Publishing UK Ltd is now getting into its stride; our horizons are expansive and our ambitions are universal. We are dedicated to producing excellent books on diverse subjects. We are particularly interested in controversial topics. We are looking for books that have merit in the writing and have potential in the market place.

Authors and agents are invited to contact us. Our preferred initial contact is by email.
Ideas for books are required. Please follow our online submissions criteria when contacting us.



LauraThe Assassins Code 1
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Absolutely loved this book couldn't put it down, it's a book that you really need to focus on, as so many characters, and plots, can't wait for the next one, Christopher is an amazing author, I've read Beneath The Poppy Fields twice. Carry on the great work Christopher, hurry up with Satan's Arena lol xx
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To those who haven't a clue what it is like to be caged up in horrific conditions, this book is a painful and disturbing eye-opener. So well written--the reader is dragged into an alien world that sends shivers down the spine. But such a worthwhile experience.
Summer rainbowSATAN’S ARENA
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recommend this e book, check out all other books by Christopher Chance book you just cannot put down must continue story
Stephen David ParfittBeneath The Poppy Fields
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It was factual, very good reading, very enjoyable would recommend reading.
JenniferThe Curse of Beckett’s Wood
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A very clever plot full of dark and often cruel twists and turns that keeps you guessing and turning those pages to find out what happens next in the past, present and future of 'The Cyclist'.
laura priceThe Curse of Beckett’s Wood
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Throughly enjoyed, would recommend, very well written and author really made the characters easy to imagine as if you were there. Looking forward to another book from the author.
DyslavidThe Deceit Syndrome
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A long good story from a real GP from West Kent (fearful for the future of the national service) has enlarged his experience & expectation into a lively thriller.
Jose SousaThe Assassins Code 1
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Love it.Is not the first time I read christopher books,and I enjoyed all of them. This one is not different. I recommend this book to everyone I hope next one is even better... Thank you Christopher