BENEATH THE POPPY FIELDS – Propaganda and Explosives!

Author Christopher Chance talks about the propaganda used by the likes of Sir John Norton Griffiths, MP and millionaire (Hellfire Jack), to coerce the Lancashire miners to sign up for war in a foreign land; “Get over there now, you don’t want to see Gerry the Hun coming down your streets with bayonets with your wives and kids in the way.”

What actually instigated the war was a Royal family feud culminating in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, but most of the people didn’t know that. His death was a convenient excuse to cull millions of men around the world.

As an ex sapper, Combat Engineer Grade 1 and Senior NCO, Christopher experienced working under ground in compressed air conditions and had a glimpse of what these men must have gone through digging like a silent mole, in fear that one wrong move and the whole tunnel would come down on top of them.

BENEATH THE POPPY FIELDS by Christopher Chance

BENEATH THE POPPY FIELDS by Christopher Chance

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