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Author: Christopher Chance


  • ISBN: 9781907340260
  • Publication in Spring 2022
  • Format: Paperback

This book is the most appalling of true-life prison writing, which chronicles the events of years spent in Spanish prisons. It highlights the fact that much international crime is planned in prison and how prison is the villain’s job center.
This harrowing book in prison writing in the raw and is not for the squeamish or politically correct. The anti-Spanish and anti-French sentiment is solely the author’s undiluted emotions at the time of writing due to the treatment he received at the hands of his jailers.
Welcome to the brutal, ugly and dangerous corridors of Satan’s arena where Chance’s pen and fists worked doggedly whilst all around him was chaos.

2 reviews for SATAN’S ARENA

  1. Editor (verified owner)

    THE NIGHT I KISSED THE DEVIL is a short story extract from the forthcoming true crime novel SATAN’S ARENA by everybody’s favourite bad boy and author Christopher Chance. A different twist on the love story for St. Valentine’s Day❤️‍🩹😱🙏✨💫
    Link to pre-order the book: https://strandpublishing.co.uk/product/satans-arena/

    H2O Blue Life magazine Literary section – THE NIGHT I KISSED THE DEVIL

  2. SPadmin

    Five Stars – 01 March 2022 – UK
    Strangely Compelling
    I wouldn’t normally choose to read this genre of book but I found it strangely compelling.
    It is not to be recommended for the faint-hearted or those who are easily offended!
    One can almost imagine what life was like in the Spanish prison and I feel relief that the author was finally released.
    I think it would make a good action movie for people who enjoy that sort of thing.

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