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Storm Over Kabul

Author: Imran Hanif


  • ISBN: 9781907340208
  • Published 31 Mar 2015
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of pages: 180

Afghanistan – a country that has been invaded many times in recorded history. Some of these invaders include Indians (Maurya dynasty from 322–185 BCE), Alexander The Great, Genghis Khan, Timur, Mughal Empire, various Persian Empires, British Empire, Sikh Empire, the Soviet Union and currently by the United States-led invasion with NATO. This country has been in turmoil for a very long time and is known as the ‘graveyard of empires’. Afghanistan has a reputation for undoing ambitious military ventures and humiliating would-be conquerors. According to the words of Babur, founder of the Mughal dynasty that ruled much of central Asia in the 1500s: “Afghanistan has not been and never will be conquered and will never surrender to anyone”.

4 reviews for Storm Over Kabul

  1. Syed abid raza

    Being Military History student ,i will strongly recommend this book to all those who want to keep pace with Afganistan’s current scenario.
    I appreciate professional judgement of writer as he already pointed out about return of Taliban Regime after partial withrawl of Nato and USA as the fall of North eastern city of “Kunduz” in hands of Taliban is confirmed . Events seems to be unfolded in same sequence as writer had predictated in his last part of analysis.
    Great book – makes great sense and good for overcoming the fear of threat of Taliban.This book taps into your belief systems, which in turn determine your thoughts, in a very coherent manner about Afganistan political, economical,social and cultural aspects . It is no exaggeration to say that if your judgement has a genuine edge,than future unfolding will always be as per your predictions/deductions.Can easily be compared to any other stuff available on Afganistan’s unresolved problems.

  2. Jane

    I bought two copies of this book on Amazon and gave one as a gift to a friend. We both know the author is a man of deep integrity and were interested to see what his perspective would be on the events in Afghanistan since 9/11 and the so-called ‘war on terror’ as portrayed by the erroneous actions of the Bush administration and its NATO allies. We’re also enthralled by the cover, despite the old adage ‘never judge a book by its cover’. That said, the content does not disappoint, and some hitherto concealed and revealing facts are discussed in the narrative such as the secret ‘operation evil airlift’, which was new to me but needless to say didn’t surprise me! They say every new author should write about what they know and this man certainly knows his subject. Congratulations Major saab on your first book and we wish you every success with it going forward!

  3. N From Manchester

    Wow what a fantastic book, for anyone wanting to know about what is going on in the world, this is definitely the book to read. Well written and it certainly helps that the author has direct experience about the topic. Highly recommended for eveyone, great read and brilliantly put into context for everyone to understand! Can’t wait for more books like this from the Author. Well done!!!!!!!!!!

    N, From Manchester, UK

  4. kias mum


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