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The Assassins Code 1

Author: Christopher Chance


  • ISBN: 9781907340123
  • Published: 10 Jun 2011
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of pages: 246

Christopher ‘Arrow’ Arrowsmith joined Special Forces to see action. Unfortunately, he had picked one of the worst moments of the Twentieth Century in which to see it. Middle East tensions are on the rise, and Ireland is a time bomb waiting to explode. Through his wits as much as his training in weapons and martial arts, ‘Arrow’ must survive in a world where nothing is as it seems, where strangers could always be the enemy and only the slightest scratch reveals the terrible violence lurking below the surface; a violence that knows no borders, no compassion and no mercy. Now as he is sucked into the secret world of undercover intelligence, a terrible violence is preparing to rip the country he loves apart, feeding a frenzy of bloodlust that threatens the very survival of his nation’s way of life as unholy alliances are forged. With only his lethal skills to guide and protect him, he must cultivate friends in the strangest of places as he travels across continents and oceans in his quest to remove the enemies of his Motherland.

Everyone who dies in this amazing book is real!

3 reviews for The Assassins Code 1

  1. SPadmin

    EJM – UK 2011
    Don’t Take A Chance!
    I read this book and was hanging on the edge of my seat. The tension – enough to increase my heart rate considerably. The plot involves many characters and in the murky, twilight world of smoke and mirrors, takes the reader to dusty deserts in Afghanistan, murderous mountain passes, covered in snow. Seedy city apartment blocks in Berlin where it seems to be persistently pouring with grey rain, and pubs in Ireland stuck in remote location’s supping the Liffey Water. Every decision made by Arrow has to be precise, as his life depends on it. Various intelligence agents’ try entering this covert world where one mistake will cost your life. A character called Ibrahim is the one person he can trust, like Solvite he won’t let you down, the man is a legend. He breathes loyalty to his companions and fire to the enemy! Many other characters could not be trusted, as they increase their chance of an early demise by being a double agent. It is frighteningly real and each turn of the page was crackling with high voltage. You will also be subjected to adventure on the high seas, in a beautiful yacht stuffed with contraband, as payment for illicit weapons for the nefarious activities of terrorist organisations. Orchestrated and arranged by Governments and their agent’s, along with high ranking terrorist’s and gangsters. A highly volatile mix of extremely dangerous Characters. I will read this again, it’s a belter! Don’t take a chance; buy this book by Christopher.

  2. SPadmin

    Jose Sousa – UK 2016
    Five Stars
    Love it. Is not the first time I read christopher books,and I enjoyed all of them.
    This one is not different.
    I recommend this book to everyone
    I hope next one is even better…
    Thank you Christopher

  3. SPadmin

    James – US 15 Oct 2017
    I have read author Christopher Chance’s non fiction works and while I am usually not a fiction enthusiast, I decided to buy this book because Mr Chance’s other works were five star material (listed below). The Assassins Code1 did not disappoint and will appeal to the action genre reader who likes a more intellectual ‘James Bond’ style of swashbuckling hero. Mr Chance has managed to craft a creative story which meticulously wove both recent history together with geographic areas that rarely get attention in the literary world. His level of detail in describing the people and locations in his story could only be achieved by someone with both extensive life/travel experience combined with careful research. For example, how many successful storylines have you seen that feature dialogue in Urdu or have a main character called Abdullah Habibullah? Mr Chance’s books are not for someone sensitive to graphic violence but his style does weave the brutality of a lawless frontier world into a believable and enjoyable read. The reader should be prepared for the vivid language contained such as how the rounds from a Kalashnikov rifle can separate a head from a body. I am pleased to say that Mr Chance’s writing is not just an expose of gore because he does add to the credibility of his work with his articulate and colourful vocabulary. Anyone who has read Mr Chance’s non fiction works will find the story’s protagonist, Christopher Arrowsmith, bears more than a few similarities to the author himself. From both men having the same home town to both of them encountering a certain ‘one legged Kraut woman’, the reader can wonder where Christopher Chance ends and where Christopher Arrowsmith begins. If I were to offer any critique beyond confirming the quality of writing, the book is 240 small print pages yet the level of detail could justify 300 pages simply because the complexity of the story does not allow for deviation from the non-stop action. This is a worthy first venture into the world of fiction writing and enthusiasts should look forward to seeing upcoming screenplays and additional titles from author Christopher Chance.

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