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The Strand Book Of International Poets 2010

Author: Edited by Imran Hanif and Jane Lee


  • ISBN: 9781907340062
  • Published: 30 Apr 2010
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of pages: 216

Launched in 2010 yet quirky and vibrant and relevant today, this anthology showcases the literary biographies of sixty-two poets from around the world and one or two examples of each writer’s work. These are predominantly seasoned poets and artisans of their craft, but for some this is the first time their poetry has been seen in print; and their bios each describe a myriad of worldly and literary experiences for the reader to enjoy.

4 reviews for The Strand Book Of International Poets 2010

  1. Dan

    I enjoyed many of the poems in this book. I especially enjoyed the work of English poet Katherine Rae. Many different subjects as was expected and all high standard, left me wanting to buy even more by the Strand.

  2. T. Akimode

    This anthology as the title suggests suggests is very inclusive, portaying talented artists from around the globe. There are some key international interests that the poets tackle; religion and enviromental issues.

    I particularly enjoyed the reocurring theme of God and spirituality that many poets discussed showing how universal their poem topics are. British writer Cynthia Huber’s poignant and witty poem “Down to Earth”, discusses Christianity whilst British Asian Nabila Jameel’s poem “One” cleverly written embraces all religions as one. Similarly the poem entitled “Whole” by Nigerian poet Paul Abayomi Adebayo-Oni waxes lyrical on God being the centre for the universe.

    I was drawn by the British African poet Amanda Epe’s “Criminals At The Creeks”. This dramatic style narrative explores the contemporary international environmental concerns of the Niger Delta, Nigeria. Equally strong on the natural atmosphere British poet Peter Branson poem “Clear Air” highlights the rage on climate change issues in an English village. Both these poets give voice to other living organisms as Amanda talks about fish, Peter is concerned with the environments damage to sheep.

    Overall a good selection of work from new and expereienced poets.

  3. J. Smith

    I was deeply moved by the poems of American writer Cynthia Huber. ‘Faces’ is an eloquent and profound illustration of how Christians would like to be seen whilst walking down the crowded streets of London.
    ‘Down to Earth’ is convicting yet humorous, a truthful look at the Christian community with a powerful and uplifting conclusion. An absolute must read.

  4. GC

    One of the most diverse,enjoyable compilations I’ve read in a long time! Particularly the American poet Cynthia Huber. Her work transcends time from the Christian viewpoint, yet reaches the heart of the non christian as well. Having had the pleasure of hearing Cynthia in action,this prolific Christian poet is one to watch!

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