POP-UP BOOK SIGNING – Saturday 24th September 2022, St Peter’s Hill, Grantham, 10am – 3pm.

Hello, my name is Christopher Chance.

Have you ever been to a pop-up book signing? Neither have I, but I’m looking forward to this one on Saturday 24th September in Grantham, right next to Maggie Thatchers’s new statue. Hmm…

I wonder if Diane, coming all the way down that crinkum-crankum road from Skeggy, is coming to see me or Maggie Thatcher?

And Janet McArthur up there in Braveheart territory, I know you will be here in spirit you kilted, caber tossing highlander you!

And Nicky who read all five of my books and survived with no mental after effects especially after reading the CARABANCHEL.

And Laura, who also has my five books, and commissioned the poster of SATAN’S ARENA front cover which has pride of place in her front room.

I would like to encourage anyone looking at this blog to go to the Strand website. If you choose to buy one of our books, please bring it along on the day and we will be more than happy to sign and dedicate it for you.

Thank you very much. Chris

Strand Publishing UK website

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