Strand’s Pop-up Book Signing – A word from author Paul Hobday

Hello, I’m Paul Hobday and I wrote THE DECEIT SYNDROME driven by my anger at the deliberate and deceitful dismantling of our NHS.

As a GP for over thirty years I continually had to fight to preserve Bevan’s founding principles but realised I was up against, and still am, clandestine forces working under the radar.

Why wasn’t this reported in the media?

And why is there still a conspiracy of silence?

If you want to learn more come to Strand Publishing’s Pop-up Book Signing event on Saturday 24th September, right next to the statue of one of the architects of privatisation Margaret Thatcher.

It’s all in my book which I’m happy to sign and dedicate to you.

I urge you to visit the Strand website to see a synopsis, read the reviews and find out more about the other excellent books published by Strand.

I hope to see you there. Paul

To read a description and reviews of all our books please visit the Strand Publishing UK website – – and if you have a copy of the book please bring it along on the day for signing.

All are welcome and we’re looking forward to meeting you!


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