Hello, just telling you about the book signing event in Grantham.

My previous video was about the ladies so I’m putting the record straight for you guys, especially Drew who was the first one to order my SATAN’S ARENA book.

And Les and Tony, long-standing readers of my work.

And Russell – Daisie tells me that there’s no work getting done on the farm because you’re lounging about in the living room

ready my books! Good for you Russell.

And not forgetting my friends in the USA, especially Bob and Geno. We don’t expect to see them but it’s great to know they are with us in spirit and they each have my books, as do many others across the pond.

But I can’t leave out James, the mystery man, who is so kind to have given me a review that any author would die for. If you’re listening James, please contact either me or Jane, my editor at Strand, who will arrange to send you a signed copy of the new SATAN’S ARENA paperback to show our appreciation.

Many of you out there in the world have bought my books and I would ask you to visit the Strand website with a view to checking SATAN’S ARENA my latest book which you can bring with you for signing.

Please share this message for me and I hope to see you all on the day.

Thank you, Chris.


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