Friday, 21st October, 2022 10 am – 2 pm

COMMUNITY BOOKS, 11 Welby Street, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6DY

Strand Publishing UK sponsors an Autumn Book Signing with their most high profile and prolific screenwriter and author Christopher Chance.

Christopher Chance

Featuring his two works of fiction BENEATH THE POPPY FIELDS appropriate reading for this time of the year, on the lead up to Armistices Day, and THE ASSASSINS CODE 1 with secret agent Arrowsmith in a fast-moving thriller along the lines of James Bond.

Christopher’s works of non-fiction include the trilogy comprising CARABANCHEL, LONE BRIT ON 13 (published by Penguin Random House), and SATAN’S ARENA his most recent true crime novel.

All these works were penned in journals whilst Christopher was awaiting trial, inside a number of Spanish jails, suspected of drug running. Upon his release they each started life as screenplays before Christopher expanded on the themes and turned them into novels.

Why not come along and meet Christopher and ask him all about his colourful and larger than life experiences?

Also, you might like to check out the National Geographic ‘Locked Up Abroad’ Series 6 Ep 6 ‘The Dare Devil Drug Runner’ which features actor Mark Wingett (formerly of The Bill) playing Christopher. Mark recently stated on social media the it was, “the best job I ever had playing you Chris!”

For details of Christopher Chances’s novels and all our other books visit the Strand website.

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