SATAN’S ARENA pre-launch promotion

I received a message from a follower to my fan page today. “Hi Chris, great fan of your work and I hope your life is treating you well these days? Just a quick question, where can I get a copy of SATAN’S ARENA please? I’ve read CARABANCHEL and LONE BRIT ON 13 and enjoyed them immensely, whilst gaining respect for you and your methods. Am I correct in thinking that it’s the third of your true to life books? If you could point me in the right direction I’d be most grateful to you. Thank you. Respect. D”

“Yes mate, this is the third book of a trilogy and possibly my last prison writing book… we’ll see. The best way to order SATAN’S ARENA is through the publisher Strand Publishing UK and I will be more than happy to send you a signed copy. I already have two books with Strand and I’ve been lucky with them because they’ve commissioned me to write two more novels, MOTHERLAND and BLOWN, adapted from two screenplays of mine, to create THE ASSASSINS CODE 1 trilogy, following more of the undercover intelligence world of ‘Arrow’ Arrowsmith. You can find details of THE ASSASSINS CODE 1 (2011) and my most recent novel BENEATH THE POPPY FIELDS (2020), which are both works of fiction based on actual events, also on the Strand Publishing UK website. I will put the links with this video. Thank you for making contact with me, you’ve made my day!” Christopher Chance

SATAN’S ARENA by Christopher Chance

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